Special Projects

We have a real problem sometimes saying No to our clients.  This Special Projects page shows just a few of those times when saying NO was not an option.


Current Undercover Project

“LittleBlackBox”  Coming Soon to all the NewTek NDI users in the world.


That Small Project

NewTek asked a few years ago to do something that has never been done.   Build the smallest HD production vehicle in the world.  The legendary NewTek mini was born.   Here are some pictures of that unique project.


An Even Smaller Project

After many MANY miles on the mini and several revisions inside and out, it was time to retire it.  NewTek asked us to top the mini build.  They wanted a new promotional vehicle that was even smaller.   So after lots and LOTS of measuring we agreed to build them a Smart car based production vehicle.   To this day it is just amazing we were able to fit everything in that car as we did.

Sometimes You Need to GO BIG

Smaller and smaller production vehicles are not the only thing we have built.  Sometimes you just have to go BIG or go home.  There probably is not a more fitting vehicle for a Texas based company than our BEAST.   Capable of up to 12 cameras, 8 channels of instant replay, full audio and graphics to boot, the BEAST lives up to his name both outside and inside.

Sometimes You Need to GO EVEN BIGGER

The Prevost XLII tour bus you see here is a complete 12 camera capable live broadcast unit that was one of our largest projects to date.  There are multiple locations inside to facilitate up to a crew of 8.   There are spots for a Technical Director, 2 x Replay Operators, Audio Engineer, Video Engineer, and up to 3 Graphics Operators/Producers.  Fiber optic and HD-SDI patch bays with plenty of storage for gear are located under the bus.

The previous 12 bunks for sleeping were converted to 8 bunks to give the crew a little more room to spread out between events.   Yes that is correct the crew not only works on this tour bus but also lives in it for months at a time out on tour.